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Look! Look what [ profile] shinysylver made me! My very own crack fic table.
She says: "So the rules are any fandom unless the crack wouldn't be crack in that fandom... and only one story per table cell- no space alien vampires who are hookers with a heart of gold"
Which only goes to prove she knows me. Because I was gonna write one big fic.

1. Wings
2. Cat Boys 3. High School AU 4. Mermen 5. Selkies
6. Body Swap 7. Aliens 8. Child Again 9. MPreg 10. Gender Swap
11. Animal Transformation 12. Break the Fourth Wall 13. Vampires 14. Crazy Crossover 15. Hookerfic
16. Unicorns 17. Zombie Apocalypse 18. Super Powers 19. Candyfic 20. Cartoon Crossover

And she made me my very own kink table!
The rules: " long as it is sensual they don't all have to be nc17 if you want to work up to it". So we're "enforcing the pornish nature" of this table. :)

1. Ew, Het 2. Backrub 3. Mild Mannered Dom 4. Intimate Healing 5. Mate or Die
6. Glory Hole 7. Tentacles 8. Body Swap 9. Handcuffs 10. Striptease
11. Aural Attraction 12. Oral Fixation 13. Come Untouched 14. Pillow Biting 15. Fun with Toys
16. Discipline 17. Public Displays of Affection 18. Love Bites 19. Handsome Hands 20. Accidental Stimulation
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AcceptanceMeeting the Family / BFFLending a coat in the coldTissuesAdulthood

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Swiped from [ profile] shinysylver. Basically it just tells you what I think about certain tropes and kinks in fic.
Kinks and Tropes )
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This is that meme where you answer questions with your randomly shuffled iTunes songs except altered to a Steve/Danny friendly H50 fandom meme. I stole it from [ profile] shinysylver .
H50 rocks it with a pineapple )
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Title: Little Red Riding Hoody
Author: [ profile] shadynaiad
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hawaii Five-0 and after this they won’t give it to me.
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a Danny and a wolf...or was that a Steve?
Word Count: 623
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] nienna_helyanwe's prompt at [ profile] h50_bunny. Thanks and more thanks to [ profile] shinysylver for pointing out the prompt to to me, forcing encouraging me to write it, fixing the middle, and fixing the end, including that one really fabulous canines line.

Who's that I see walkin' in these woods? )
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Title: My Island
Rating: totally G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, although they’d have a lot more fun if I did.
Summary: Danny's too happy.
Word count: 200
Author’s Note:
Over on a Hawaii 5-0 fic meme there was completely random wank about a prompt. So I wrote this. I think it makes sense even without the drama.

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Title: What Happens on Cephala 5...Stays on Cephala 5
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer:. I don’t own them, although they’d have a lot more fun if I did.
Summary: Jack spends some bizarre quality time with alien visitors.
Warning: Contains tentacle sex, and references to children’s television programming
Word Count: 1290
Author’s Note: This was in response to a prompt over on the Torchwood kink meme. “Jack/alien, tentacle sex, (non-consensual and dirty talk would be a bonus :P)”. I can’t do non-con, and the dirty talk went a bit wobbly, but one out of three ain’t bad?
Special thanks to [ profile] shinysylver for beta reading and title suggesting.

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I had dream last night that I was taking a class from Jack Harkness. Ianto was commiserating with me about what a difficult grader he was. It is a sad, sad day when Jack and Ianto are both in your dream and all it does is make you wake up worried about your psychometrics grade.

WIP meme

Feb. 18th, 2011 09:43 pm
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WIP meme
Stolen from [ profile] shinysylver

The Works In Progress meme. Open your WIP file and post the names of all your documents, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.
That Will Be Finished - High Priority

Hawaii Five-0 wingfic
Torchwood tentacle fic

Fic That Is on the Back Burner But Still Cooking

epic torchwood Ianto-whumping fic of doom

Fic That Is Not Being Worked On Right Now - Muse Is Gone

Highlander/Buffy x-over
Ianto/Tony movie fic (possibly being reworked into something kink-table)
Blues Clues/X-files crossover (although . . .)
Naruto- a pair of Iruka/Kakashi fics
Harry Potter –Gregory Goyle and the Wonderous Underpants (unless my co-writer wants to take that back up. What say you, [ profile] shinysylver?
My Mary Sue Torchwood fic.

Fic I've Decided to Abandon But Haven't Deleted

Never abandon, never surrender! Oh, okay, the self-insert X-men fic. But one of these days I might post it for the lulz.
(We’re talking fic that actually got started, right? ‘Cause I’ve got some plot bunnies sitting around, but they never really got started)
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5 Questions Meme:

* Comment with "Aloha" (or whatever)

* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.

* Update your journal with the answers to the questions.

* Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

My answers to [ profile] shinysylver's questions

1. What is your current favorite fandom and why?
I'm bizarrely back into Lord of the Rings lately. I think it's a comfort food sort of thing. I'd probably be curled up with the X-men fandom if it didn't change so bloody much all the time.

2. What is your favorite crossover pairing and why?
It's a crack crossover, but I still think Elrond/Picard was a stroke of genius

3. What is your favorite crack cliche and why?
You know I'm a big fan of really improbable crossovers. I also love fic wherein cute animals get involved-like Torchwood ends up with a box of kittens, or such.

4. Who is your favorite to slash with various characters: Captain Jack or Methos? Why?
Well, Captain Jack's easier. (That's what he said! Ahem.) And there's a little bit of absurdity that you can get away with with flamboyant Jack that you can't quite get away with with Methos.

5. If you had to pick a het OTP who would it be and why?
(Ew, het!) Alice/Jasper-I actually think they have chemistry, and Alice is interesting on her own;she doesn't exist just to be a romantic interest. Also, I think the story of how they met is adorable.
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There's an old joke that goes like this:
The Professor came in and said "Good Morning" to all of us. When we echoed back to him, he responded "Ah, you're Freshmen."

He explained. "When you walk in and say good morning, and they say good morning back, they're Freshmen. When they put their cell phones down and open their books, they're Sophomores. When they look up so they can see the instructor they're juniors. When they put their feet up on the desks and keep texting, they're seniors."

"When you walk in and say good morning, and they write it down, they're graduate students."

I have to confess, my stats professor told a joke this week and I wrote it down. "To be a statistician you must be lazy, have nothing better to do, and live forever*".
But I wrote it down in case I needed it for a Highlander fic. Is that better or worse?

*Lazy because all the formulas deal with squared values because we're too lazy to take square roots. Nothing better to do for obvious reasons,and live forever because assumptions are based on infinite samples. It's not a very funny joke unless, y'know, you're a statistician.
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Naruto fic, inspired by one too many Reefer Madnesss inspired fics over on  Chouji and Shikamaru watch clouds and eat brownies.

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Ficlet Meme

Jan. 3rd, 2010 08:04 pm
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10 characters, 11 prompts, 15 words

Ganked from [ profile] lilithbint

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.

2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

My 10: Ianto, Owen and Jack from Torchwood, Tony, McGee, and Abby from NCIS, Silverclaw (my RPG character-don‘t judge!), Sulu from Star Trek, and Brennan and Sweets from Bones.

1. First times 1, 9 -Ianto, Brennan
He brought her coffee and left her to work; an auspicious beginning to their partnership.

2. Angst 7 - Silverclaw
“I broke a nail!” she wailed, surveying the shredded dire rat corpses at her feet.

3. AU 1, 8 – Ianto, Sulu
Ianto knew joining the Academy’s fencing club to get closer to the president was absurd.

4. Threesome 3, 6, 9 – Jack, Abby, Brennan
It was a nice change to have forensic specialists interested in him without dying first.

5. Hurt/Comfort 5, 10 – McGee, Sweets
McGee nodded sympathetically. “Critics can be harsh, Lance. . .”
“It’s not even published yet!”

6. Crack 1 – Ianto
Ianto sighed. Sentient equines were bad, but multi-colored ursines battling in the Hub were worse.

7. Horror 10 – Sweets
He’s always had nightmares about skeletons. It’s only lately that they know his name.

8. Baby fic 5, 9 – McGee, Brennan
“Dancing phalanges!” Brennan sang again, and McGee fervently hoped the drugs would wear off soon.

9. Dark 2, 8 –Owen, Sulu
“We’ve got 2 problems now: you’re creating a paradox, and my flashlight just burned out.”

10. Romance 4, 8 – Tony, Sulu
“If a swashbuckling spaceman beamed me away from this crime scene, I wouldn't say no.”

11. Death 2, 3 –Owen, Jack
Owen should have realized that in Torchwood, any date with death would be a threesome.
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The good news is, in spite of the death of my laptop, I managed to recover all the fic I was working on.
The bad news is I've forgotten my passwords for all the various places I post said fic, except lj.
The other bad news is school starts up again tomorrow, and once I go back to work it'll be ages before I can poke at writing anything fun again. Which is really a shame, because for the 2 days of this break that I wasn't suffering from the plague, I'd really enjoyed being creative. I felt like me again.


Mar. 8th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

1. “So, you’re willing to accept ghosts, aliens, time travel, and zombies, but telekinesis is ‘rubbish’?”

2. How on earth, he wondered, does one go about answering a sentient telephone?

3. “Uh, boss? We don’t actually have jurisdiction in the UK.”

4. Owen clearly had some sort of horrible grape related trauma in his youth.

5. "I think that's the first time you've ever been early for anything," Shikamaru smirked.

6. He was wrapped in his winter gear, he’d turned the thermostat up to toasty summer temperatures, and now he looked like he was trying to burrow into the sofa for warmth.

7. “Is it really that much effort to answer me with big boy words?” asked Iruka, letting a touch of his “teacher voice” creep in.

8. You're right, Blue; Magenta doesn't look like she feels well at all.
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Anybody know of any action movies that take place in Wales? I may or may not need a couple of film references for a Torchwood/NCIS fic that I may or may not be writing.
(Yes, Tracey, I'm aiming for some Tony/Ianto for you. Bonding over James Bond, at the very least.)


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